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Product Mix

Our product mix consists of CD, Vinyl, DVD and Blu-ray. From 2016 we also distribute licensing products / toys.

We work with a large number of well-established music and film companies.

products are distributed to over
different sales points throughout Sweden.

In total
we stock more than
3,000 different articles. We supply approximately 30,000 units per day.

Our best-selling movies

Ice Age (314,000)
the Shawshank Redemption (224,000)
Deer Hunter (217,000)
Dirty Dancing (214,000)
Grease (167,000)

Our best-selling CD

Ted Gärdestad 15 klassiker (170,000)
Kim Larsen & Gasolin Super Collection (149,000)
Creedence Clearwater Revival 16 klassiker (131,000)
Elvis Presley Essential (116,000)
Barnens julfavoriter (114,000)